What type of boots can I use BootBandz with?

You can use BootBandz with knee High Boots, Over the Knee Boots and Thigh High Boots.

Where do I put the BootBandz?

You can wear BootBandz over the knee or under the knee. If you wear BootBandz over the knee, please make sure you leave enough room for your knee to bend freely when you fix the square tab to your boots to ensure it doesn't cause too much tension. We recommend to wear them BELOW the Knee.

Do I stick the square tabs to my boots or sew them?

You can stick the tabs or sew them. If you are sticking them to your boots it is best to attach them and leave them for 24 hours for the glue to cure before wearing. Please note the tabs are not compatible to adhere to fur linings.

How to I take off my boots if i'm wearing them with BootBandz?

Carefully pull apart the velcro tabs holding onto the tab on your boots making sure the tab doesn't come unstuck from your boots.

What do I do if I have more than one pair of Boots?

You can order Tabs separately from our shop so you can use BootBandz with more Boots.